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Rijk Zwaan Launches Free E-Learning Course for Indoor Sweet Pepper Cultivation
We proudly announce the launch of our e-learning course on indoor sweet pepper cultivation, tailored specifically for India. This comprehensive course aims to revolutionize sweet pepper farming practices, catering to both seasoned growers and newcomers to the industry.
Indoor Crop Demo Day, 24th April 2024
Exciting day at our R&D station, Langrian, Punjab as we hosted a demo day for indoor crop cultivation! We were thrilled to welcome 150 progressive farmers and our esteemed distributors from Punjab, Himachal & Haryana, who were eager to explore the potential of indoor farming.
The changing landscape of the pickling cucumber industry
A market that evolves continuously needs innovations. Each market seeks certain traits that help them to reach their best potential in terms of production and quality to meet the needs of the entire chain. A company such as Rijk Zwaan stands at the beginning of this chain: Rijk Zwaan breeds for new traits to cross in varieties to meet these needs. But how do they accomplish this? How do they stay informed about current events in North America while being active in so many different countries? What are key traits to focus on right now? And what does this mean for you – as a partner in this chain? Discover this when you delve into the article below.

The rise of sweet pepper in India

Mr. Vishnu Saave, also known as Kaka, a grower with 40 acres of net houses in Palghar, Maharashtra, was the first grower in India who tried the sweet pepper Massilia or Rijk Zwaan. Now he is an ambassador for this pepper.

Win-win situations

We regard our customers as our partners and we strive to create win-win situations and the formation of long term partnerships.