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News - 09-10-2022

Mega Field Day cum Training Program in Rajasthan

Program Highlights:

The program received a huge response and was attended by around 350 growers including existing and potential growers from different places in Rajasthan state, Distributors, and the Department of Agriculture and Horticulture, Government of Rajasthan. We demonstrated our varieties of mini cucumbers and the new concept of “SN!BS” veggies and Sweet Palermo to the farmers. They were also encouraged to use the RZ e-learning mini cucumber course to learn more about the crop from a distance.

A technical session was held to impart technical knowledge to the participants. During this session, the effect of various diseases and pests on mini cucumbers were shown digitally. The solutions to these problems and other subsequent queries were also discussed with the experts. RZ Business Manager (Asia), Area Manager (Asia) & Managing Directors of India, and Officers from the Departments of Agriculture and Horticulture also addressed the growers and assured them about the quality of seeds and good support from the RZ India team.

Awards & Recognitions:

The company took cognizance of the splendid work done by the farmers of Rajasthan in the field of indoor cucumber cultivation by felicitating them at the event. This series of events was followed by lunch rich in local cuisine and delicacies. 

The event turned out to be successful and was cherished by all the participants, thanks to the dedicated efforts of all the RZ team members, our distributor, and our main grower.

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